Four Places Of Interest To Visit In The City Of Wilmington DE

Many people don’t know that Wilmington was a city constructed on a military fort, and that’s not all. The settlement that was established there was a Swedish one, the first of the Swedish settlements in the US. You will find many places of interest in tbe city, and that is an understatement. Let’s get to looking at four of the top attractions and things to do in the city of Wilmington DE.

The Hagley Museum and Library is one of those places of interest in Wilmington, and it is located on Hagley Creek Road. You get to learn about the invention of gunpowder there and the DuPont family. This museum features more than one guide according to the reviews, and they all have great stories to tell. There are also great gardens on site to check out, and you will certainly enjoy your visit to the Hagley Museum and Library.

Of course you want to check out the Wilmington Riverwalk while you are there, too. All you have to do is find North Market Street. The Riverwalk is a great place to take a stroll, check out the beer garden, play some miniature golf, visit the children’s museum and much more. The Riverwalk area is so beautiful, and reviews mention that there are also many restaurants there to choose from to grab a bite to eat.

Bellevue State Park is also a nice place to visit. Located on Carr Road, Bellevue State Park has walking trails, horse stables, beautiful grounds and is host to summer concerts. You can also play volleyball, tennis and frisbee golf. The reviews say that the park features something for everyone, and that is really cool. One person calls the state park a ‘tranquil oasis.’

Rockwood Museum is on Shipley Road, and you can take the Brandywine Treasure Trail. The Shakespeare Festival is held there, as are other special events. It is really a great place to visit, and Rockwood Museum is said to offer an awesome tour, too. This would definitely be a place you don’t want to miss if you are going to be visiting Wilmington DE.

Are you ready to experience everything that the great city of Wilmington has in store for you? It is time to find out what these top places of interest are all about. When you do, you will have an awesome vacation in the city of Wilmington DE.